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2014 Fitchburg Postcard

Banter Artists, Kelly Slater and R. Leopoldina Torres, were both selected to exhibit pieces in the Monotype Guild of New England’s exhibition “On The Edge” at the Fitchburg Museum of Art. Jurior Debra Olin observes “What does it mean to be on the edge? It is a common location for artists. It could be balancing. It could be teetering. An artist brings concepts and ideas to the studio and combines them with materials, techniques and tools. There is a collaboration that comes with the process – it might be steady, may be shaky. The result is ‘On The Edge’.”

“On the Edge” will be open from April 2 to April 28, 2014, with the reception on Sunday, April 6 at 1-3pm. Congratulations Kelly & Leo!

2014 Fitchburg.On The Edge Exhibition

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